Psychotherapy in Latin America

We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. Exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.

Centro de Tratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida

Centro de Tratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida We provide professionalized women in all kinds of ... More information ...
Av. del aire 1005 consultorio 401. Policlínico San Ramón. San Luis. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Lic. Ana maria Martell Beteta

Comunidad Terapéutica "Ayuda en Acción"

Professional Center of treatment and integral rehabilitation for ... More information ...
Calle Del Cazón Mz. K3 - Lotes 1, 2, 3 Santa Rosa Alta - Punta Negra - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Enma Clara Vidal Ames

Psicóloga Nannette Negrón, MA -
Psychological counseling children, adolescents and families. Psychometric, psychological and psychoeducational. Services are provided in day care centers and schools. Provisional remedy (assessment...

Studio Sat-Darshanam -
Treatment methods are numerous and apparently different from each other, but have more points than differences meetings: for example, the figure of the therapist and...

Psic. Manuel Carmona

Clínica chilemex Torre 2 piso 4 consultorio 3 - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

Lic. Sandra Andreoletti

• Psychologist graduated from the University of the ... More information ...
Montevideo - Uruguay
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Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Integral and integrative model of rehabilitation of toxic addictions and compulsive conducts. Interdisciplinary equipment with experience in the methodology of therapeutic community. psychiatry, individual psiterapia...

Clínica Psiquiátrica - Guatemala -
Founded by Dr. Miranda in 1979, the psychiatric clinic continues its mission to work for the welfare and psychiatric and psychological needs of patients within...

Psicología Clínica

Lennys licensed Astorga
Changing mental and behavioral patterns emociinales. ... More information ...

Lic. Yolanda Vera Psicólogo Clínico

Evaluation and psychotherapy school children and adults. ... More information ...

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Distribution and sale of media use radiographic contrast: oral, injected, enemas. ...

Asistencia Psicologica

Transpersonal therapy
Flower therapy
-workshops discussion ... More information ...
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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