Psychotherapy in Latin America

Professional center of treatment and integral rehabilitation for persons with problems of addictions (alcohol, drugs and ludopatia).

Comunidad Terapéutica "Ayuda en Acción"

Professional Center of treatment and integral rehabilitation for persons with problems of addictions (alcohol, drugs and ludopatia).
Calle Del Cazón Mz. K3 - Lotes 1, 2, 3 Santa Rosa Alta - Punta Negra - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Enma Clara Vidal Ames

Centro de Tratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida

Centro de Tratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.
we counted a Convention to school for adolescents complete their schooling, crafts and workshops. It has specialized in addiction and behavioral problems besides parallel work with family by family therapy professional team. we have a program of social, More...
Av. del aire 1005 consultorio 401. Policlínico San Ramón. San Luis. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Lic. Ana maria Martell Beteta

Psychologists in América Latina
Psychologists specializing in: Individual, (children, adolescents and adults) Couples therapy Family therapy Managing emotions. Experience in behavior-based safety. Recruitment....

Psic. Manuel Carmona

Clínica chilemex Torre 2 piso 4 consultorio 3 - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

Psicólogo Anicarol Mavarez

Consultorio psicológico Mundo Psicokids, Urb. el amparo, calle peñuela ruiz #245. - Cabimas - Zulia - Venezuela

Lic. América Gibbs

Psychologist for children, adolescents and adults. Psychological testing and alzheimer screening, therapy for aggressive behavior and impulsivity, disobedience, addictions, grief, emotional attachments, emotional dependency, phobias, public speaking shyness, depression, anxiety.
- Antolín del Campo - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela

Psychotherapists in América Latina
Anguish, anciedad, depression, phobias, attacks of panic, anorrexia and bulimia, addictions. Children: upheavals of conduct and learning, enuresis, phobias....

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Give a quality rehab program that promotes uniform and standardized patient-friendly and sustainable results in their reintegration into society. ...

Consultoría Psicológica y Pedagógica Alborada

Consultoría Psicológica y Pedagógica Alborada Welcome to the psychological and educational consulting, a company dedicated to the field of psychology and education by providing specialized services on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders, learning, behavior, social and emotional boy and girl.

we also provide career guidance services, adult and adolescent psychology, family and couples psychotherapy, lectures, trainings, workshops and assessments for institutions, through our More...
Av. Leon Velarde 302 alt cdra 17 de arenales (centro comercial arenales) - Lince - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Gabriela Gómez Pacheco

Psicóloga Claudia Méndez

Psicóloga Claudia Méndez - Clinical psychologist and work.
- Clinical : guidance and counseling sessions, psychotherapy, psychological profiles
- Labor : psychological evaluations, consulting work ( labor climate studies, performance evaluation )
- Cordón - Montevideo - Uruguay

El Espacio Psicológico de Madrid

El Espacio Psicológico de Madrid  
C/ Modesto Lafuente - 28010 - Madrid. - Chamberi - Madrid - Spain

Psychiatrists in América Latina
Attention to depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders, mental illness or nervous disease....

Licda. Ginnet Arias. Psicólogía

Specialized emotional support, depression, anxiety, stress, nervousness, insmnio, irritability, perfectionism, fears, social difficulties, self esteem, phobias, inner emptiness.
Escazú, Resid. Vista Alegre, # 62 - San José - Costa Rica

Psicólogo Clínico

Psychological therapy groups, families, couples, single, children, adolescents and adults.
Psychological and psychometric evaluation
Screenings and diagnostics
Educational Talks
We offer convenient hours of services, including business and after school hours.
Calle San Antonio A-9 Suite B Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791 - Humacao - Puerto Rico