Pumps in Latin America

- drilling water well depths of 1 to 150 mts. - installation of pumping equipment and submersible equipment sales. - processing applications for drilling..

Perforaciones H&M S.A

- Drilling water well depths of 1 to 150 mts.

- Installation of pumping equipment and submersible equipment sales.

- Processing applications for drilling.
Alajuel, Costa Rica - Atenas - Alajuela - Costa Rica

Converti Hnos. S.R.L.

Pumps. Diaphragm pumps. Gear pumps. Pumps by hand. Autocebantes pumps. Centrifugal pumps. Sewage pumps. Pumps of lubrication. Pumps for water. Pumps for high pressure. Pumps for empty of drums. Submersible More...
Av. Asamblea 546 - Capital Federal 1424 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Well drilling and maintenance in América Latina
Cleaning and painting of industrial water tanks. Installing water tanks cleaning tanks Cleaning septic and grease trap Cleaning and maintenance for your pool. Fumigation and...

Optimun Import Service

Optimum Powgen Import Diesel Service representatives in Bolivia.

Sale, installation and technical advice.

Light generators (gas and diesel), towers, lighting, irrigation pumps, fire pumps, engine driven welders, technical service to More...
C/ Juan Arangoitia.... Tercer anillo externo entre Paragua y Mutualista - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Ferrari Mario Fernando

Gear pumps. Screw pumps. Pumps to turbine. Autocebantes pumps. Centrifugal pumps. Vertical centrifugal pumps. Stainless steel pumps. Pumps of all type. Pumps electrical and individual domestic servants. Hydropneumatic pumps. Pumps More...
Sgo. Del Estero 2565 - Lanus - Lanús B1824EBC - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina


Plumbing and electrical services, maintenance of pumps.
Tumbaco La morita - Quito - Ecuador

Agricultural machinery in América Latina
We are dedicated to the sale of machines for different industries, agriculture, construction, landscaping, forestry, forestry, metal mechanics. Exclusive distributors in the Husqvarna brand, manufacturer...

Balanzas y Sistemas - Qlyque.com
Sale, maintenance, repair and calibration of weighing equipment such as silos, scales, hoppers. ...

Bombas y Valvulas S.R.L.

Pumps. Gear pumps. Pumps to turbine. Autoaspirantes pumps. Autocebantes pumps. Centrifugal pumps. Horizontal centrifugal pumps. Sewage pumps. Pumps of connect magnetic. Pumps of all type. Measure pumps. Tyre pumps. Pumps More...
Pasco 1722 - Rosario 2000 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Nicoll Peru SA

Manufacture and commercialization of tubes and accessories of PVC, polythene tubes. Commercialization of pumps for water and desague; systems of technified irrigation.
Jr. Republica del Ecuador 308 - Lima - Peru


Cuero y Caicedo y Toribio Montes - Benalcázar - Quito - Ecuador

Tubes and pipes in América Latina
Monthly payments, maintenance of buildings, industry and commerce, hydraulic tests and manometer hidrolavados plumbing, pipes shooting, repair of bathrooms and kitchens, damp solution. ...

Hydraulic systems in América Latina
Fluidtek, pneumatic, oleohydraulic company dedicated to and the hydraulic and tyre cylinders. valves solenoids, units of hydraulic pressure....

Electricidad y Mecanica - ELEMEC SRL

C/ Jose Maria Serrano # 25
Av. Montes esq. TAM - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Perfora Panamá S.A.

Company engaged in drilling, design and construction of aqueducts, design and construction of irrigation systems, design and construction of treatment plants, sewage sewage, septic tanks, water purification, water pumps for More...
Avenida Segunda Oeste. Diagonal a Team Challenge. - David - Chiriquí - Panama