Reflexo therapeutics in Latin America

Reflexology reflexology, reflexology or zone therapy is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hands, nose or ears (called "reflex zones"), based on the pseudoscientific.

Podologia Clinica

Urb. dubosc 581 v. padre hurtado chillan
sec. parque lantaño - Moncloa-Aravaca - Madrid - Spain

Reflexología Podal

Reflexology, reflexology or zone therapy is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hands, nose or ears (called "reflex zones"), based on the pseudoscientific belief that massage have a More...
Juan Lacaze, Colonia, Uruguay - Colonia - Uruguay

Masaje y Quiropraxia -
Therapeutic care and courses ...

Fisiouniversal Cia. Ltda.

Physical rehabilitation treatment in general, fractures, scoliosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, facial, deportología.
10 de Agosto n 26-117 y Orellana. - Mariscal Sucre - Quito - Ecuador

Podologia Integral Surco

Podiatry comprehensive, personalized attention, diabetic foot, helomas, calluses ingrown toenail without pain, reducing massage reflexology massages acrylic gel nails.
Calle Fleming 129 - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Energia Vital Panama

Altos del Golf, San Francisco - Panamá - Panama

Podiatrists in América Latina
We are a podiatry center managers to diagnose and give proper treatment for diseases such as foot: incarnadas toenails, fungal nails, plantar warts, calluses, etc...

Therapeutic massages in América Latina
Center of massages and aesthetic: It orients and the West in Perfect Armon?a" Sevicios: Aesthetic, massages (metamorfico massage, podal lymphatic drainage, reflexologia, physiotherapy). In Maria...

Centro de Alta Podologia Clinica

Integral treatment of the foot. Gratuitous consultation.
Onicomicosis (nail with fungus), onicocriptosis (u?eros), onicogrifosis (u?eros).
Reflexologia (massage pedico), reconstruction of nails (acrylic).
Prevention and correction of juanetes, fingers in claw, ortonixia brakets, bellboys More...
Av. Arenales 1600-1624 esquina con Manuel Gomez 2° piso tda 66 - Lince - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Maria Marin N.

eSPAcio de Relajación Corporal

Thai massage
Combination of four therapeutic massage applied with hands and Power Spa therapist, who manages the user (a) an exceptional experience relaxation of mind and body.
Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, More...
Polo Norte No.1, Ángel Zimbrón, Azcapotzalco - Distrito Federal - Mexico

Centro de Yoga Inbound Manta

Yoga Center and ancestral therapies, for 5,000 years our sages have used the sacred medicine for general welfare, from exercises or yogic postures of self-healing, to energy, emotional and spiritual More...
Calle 21 Av 31 Los Algarrobos - Manta - Manabí - Ecuador

Physical therapy in América Latina
we offer professional services in response bony, muscular, nervous disorders, backaches neck, back pain, sprains, tendinitis, post fracture, Gilliam Barre syndrome, carpal tunnel, sequelae of...

Podologos Con Buen Pie

calle conde de castelar 257 santiago de surco
referencia alt.cdra 38 y 39 av. tomas marzano - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru


Charles de Gaulle 643 entre Pacheco y Manuel Castillo - Villa Morra - Asunción - Paraguay