Science in Latin America

Especilaizaciones graduates and, with the national university of trujillo and the national university enrrique guzmán y valle "la cantuta" programs for teachers, health area, management, administrative,.

Grupo Elite-G.E.- Especialistas en investigación

Carrera 28 N° 40- 64. Edif. Taragoa. Ofic. 503. - Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia

Jf Representaciones

Especilaizaciones graduates and, with the National University of Trujillo and the National University Enrrique Guzmán y Valle "La Cantuta" programs for teachers, health area, management, administrative, technical program
Agustin Cauper Nº 339 - Callería - Pucallpa - Peru
Rpte: Francisco Tipiani

Private tuition in América Latina
I teach onsite consulting in the areas of: algebra, differential calculus, integral, physical movement, static, differential equations, geometry, trigonometry. ...

School teachers in América Latina
Classes are held and jobs for students are made from first grade to fifth high school, in all areas, letters, science, English, physics, chemistry. Classes...

Asesora Educativa de Guatemala

We are located in Chiantla Huehuetenango, with national attention with literary works of all kinds.
Zona 1, Chiantla Huehuetenango - Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Centro de Estudios Parapsiquicos

Parapsychic center studies and alternative therapies
Joined: Ministry of Culture and National Education Law 13047, Decree 40471, No. 9347

Courses and careers and free tutorial and distance assistance:
Degree in parapsychology.
Expert in parapsychology More...
Mendoza 1731 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina

Dr. Bolívar García

Laboratory of Pathology and Molecular Biology: Cervical-vaginal cytology (Pap smears) Traditional and Liquid Cytology (Liquid Prep), computerized equipment cytology (Thin Prep) Determination of Human Papillomavirus (HPV): 14 strains of high More...
Calle J. Achécar esquina Colón y Centro Médico San Juan
San Juan de la Maguana - San Juan - Dominican Republic

Business consultants in América Latina
We are a company that provides solutions in information technology. We offer products and services to interactive digital media ( video walls,...

Enrique Espínola

Now Lagomar exam preparation classes and calculation 1 and 2 and probability and statistics, engineering, CCEE, chemistry, ucudaly ort.
Rio de Janeiro M120 S6
Lagomar - Ciudad de la Costa - Canelones - Uruguay


Business Center for Research and Environmental Management of Transportation (CIMAB) is a research center with the number 034105 in the National Register of Institutions of Science and Technological Innovation of More...
Carretera del Cristo No. 3 Esq. Tiscornia, Casablanca, Regla, La Habana, Cuba - Ciudad de La Habana - Cuba

Grupo Pre Universitario "Barnard"

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, Biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano heredia, unmsm, uni with More...
Jiron Chiclayo 261 Miraflores altura a 1 cdra del icpna - Lima - Peru

Environmental impact in América Latina
The company has a staff of professionals in project and construction of water treatment plants and solid waste resduales, likewise the importation of biodegradable biochemicals...

Bookstores in América Latina
Commercial, scholastic, artistic and technical bookstore. Articles and consumptions of computation. Packing. Special papers and impressions. The press generally....

Nutriser Bolivia

Company dedicated to the nutritional guidance.

In industra, prepare all kinds of nutritional information material for websites, advertising, conferences.
Av. Paragua y 3er anillo externo, Centro medico Chavez - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Departamento Grafologico de Aranco & Asociados

The department handwriting of Aranco & Associates is able to make a thorough study of writing according to your needs.
Av. Gral. Rivera 4730 - Malvín - Montevideo - Uruguay