Secundary education - High schools in Latin America

We are an accelerated non-traditional and non-university technical school. The main objective is to help the student to finish his / her 4th year successfully and.

Central Community College

Central Community College We are an accelerated non-traditional and non-university technical school. The main objective is to help the student to finish his / her 4th year successfully and in a short time so that he can start immediately in our division of technical studies and beauty division. In addition to university studies at recognized universities in Puerto Rico or the United States More...
calle Jose Celso Barboza #54 - Pueblo - Las Piedras - Puerto Rico

Colegio Particular Bilingüe Cambridge School

Colegio Particular Bilingüe Cambridge School Cambridge College Private School, Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders
Calle Santa Lucía E8-74 y Av. 6 de Diciembre. - Kennedy - Quito - Ecuador

Colleges and schools in América Latina
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Centro Educativo ASI -
We are a school that offer tutorials, short courses, fine arts classes, projects help children, youth and adults. ...

Colegio la Coromoto

private school, pre-school, primary and general secondary education.
Urbanización La Trinidad, Municipio Baruta del estado Miranda. Avenida Cristóbal Colón. - Caracas - Venezuela

Colegios Particulares en Quito Colegio Rockefeller

private schools in Quito: Quito Educational unit Rockefeller private schools in Quito: Seats available for schools Schools in Quito pensioners in Quito
Avigiras y San Miguel de Anagaes Sector Solca - El Inca - Quito - Ecuador

C.E.P Raymond Clark

Solid Christian formation. Initial, primary and secondary.
Av. Brasil 1864 - Lima - Peru

Private tuition in América Latina
Manigueta school teaching screen printing workshop and Graphics ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Colegio Cristiano Ruben Dario

Ruben Dario Christian College is an educational institution that serves three modes , secondary , primary and early childhood education. We provide quality education and Christian values.
Banpro 4 cuadras al sur 1/2c al este, Jinotepe, Carazo - Carazo - Nicaragua

Colegio Pivado Mixto Marcelino Champagnat

Initial, primary, secondary, laboratory, sport room of videos, slabs.
Av. Manuel Vera Enríquez 659 - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Armando Arroyo Fajardo

Instituto Educativo Corpesa

Corpesa Educational Institute
San José 75 Mts Sur Mc Donal'd Parque Central - San José - Costa Rica

Pre-university academies in América Latina
We are a youth academy to prepare for admission to the University, both national and individual; also give advice to primary and secondary school children....

Academia Sauce

Tutoring for all middle and high school subjects (except English), exam preparation and partial follow-up courses.
San Miguel 1313 - Sauce - Canelones - Uruguay

I.E Ramón Castilla Marquezado

It provides an opportunity for young people and adults who have not completed their primary and / or secondary studying on Saturdays have official value.
Mariscal Castilla Nº 385 - Chiclayo - Peru