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We offers treatments on the vanguard of international odontology utilizing advanced techniques and equipment recognized by the best dentistry societies in the world such as those.


Odontodigital We offers treatments on the vanguard of international odontology utilizing advanced techniques and equipment recognized by the best dentistry societies in the world such as those in Brazil, France and USA.
All our techniques are 100% aesthetic. Some international insurance reimbursement.
Calle Shell 319, Oficina 606, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Dr. Carlos Cueva

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz Treatments:

* General dentistry

* Children

* Teens

* Grown ups

* Orthopedics

* Orthodontics

* Endodontics (root canals)

* Extractions (tooth extractions)

* Full Prosthesis

* Removable partial denture

* Chromos

* Fixed Bridges

* Implants

* Aesthetics

* Blanqueamientos

* Prophylactic fluortopicacion

* Neuromiorelajantes Plates

* Plates for athletes
Av Brasil 3123/304 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Dentists in América Latina
Implants, oral hygiene, Venners, CEREC 3D, laser. ...

Clínica Dental Tania Morera

Dr. Tania Morera Specialist in Orthodontics and functional orthopedics.
"The best group of specialists create perfect smiles every day"
25 oeste de la plaza Pinos sobre carretera principal. Grecia. - Alajuela - Costa Rica

Dental La Merced

We are a dental clinic with over 17 years of experience, our priority is to provide the best service at affordable prices.

We are proud to have the best professionals. We More...
- Ate - Lima - Peru

Dental Esthetic Solution

A new experience in dental care.

We offer the patient a high quality of dental services in modern and pleasant.
clinica las americas avenida roosevelt suite 307 - Pueblo - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Dental clinics in América Latina
Multisonrisas Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing dental care in all specialties (aesthetics, implants, braces, kids, prosthetics), we have a specialized Dental Staff. Make you...

Dental Spa - Famident

Dental Centers in Guatemala, Antigua and Quetzaltenango

Health tourism

All specialties of dentistry
6a ave zona 10
Centro Medico II
Ofi. 503 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Centro Odontologico Integral- Dr Servián

- Comprehensive Dental Center

- General Clinic

- Endodontics

- Aesthetics

- Prosthesis

- Pediatric Dentistry
Ciudad de Ypacarai- Pedro Juan Caballero 325 - Ypacaraí - Central - Paraguay

Dental Cibao

We are a chain of dental clinics that is the result of three generations of prestigious doctors in the service of society.
Calle Ramón Matias Mella esq. Francisco del Rosario Sanchez. La Trinitaria. BIOPLAZA, 2do. Nivel. - Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Dental implants in América Latina
We are a dental practice internationally renowned exclusively for people seeking excellence: quality assurance, timeliness and satisfaction for people who have little time to complete...

Dentures in América Latina
Laboratory services: - Full dentures - Partial Dentures - Interim Prostheses - Work orthopedics - Plates neuro-muscle relaxants - Plates Estampadas - Jobs Vita Vm...


We are a clinic that strives for excellence in their treatments, we have trained professionals in more than 10 years of service.
Av. Roosevelt 6120 (Ex Rep. Panamá) Miraflores. Previa coordinación. - Lima - Peru

Miguel Alejandro Daza Ferro

Dental office, with high quality standards in orthodontics, oral rehabilitation, periodontics, orthopedics functional dental implants.
carrera 16 n 98-06 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia