Speech therapy in Latin America

Speech therapy, ear cleaning, audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, audiophones .

Andrea Viera Frontán

Venezuela 1266 - Aguada - Montevideo - Uruguay


Speech therapy, ear cleaning, audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, audiophones
Machala - Callejon 4ta norte y Buenavista - El Oro - Ecuador

Hearing aids in América Latina
Auditory examinations are realised, scholastic and enterprise, auditory adaptation of prothesis, protective tamizajes auditory against the noise....

Psychologists in América Latina
Psychologist individual adults and couples...

Serviterapias Ltda.

And home treatment services and prevention programs to promote business (occupational).
Carrera 21 NO. 144-14 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Centro de Patología del Habla y Desarrollo Integr

We provide evaluation and speech-language therapy and occupational therapy to children and adults.
Urb. Jardines I (Fullana) Calle 1 J-3 Cayey, PR - Cayey - Puerto Rico

Centro Infantil de Psicopedagogía Creciendo Junto

Services and care to children, adolescents, youth and adults with speech problems:
- Delay in language development
- Pronunciation sounds
- Stuttering
Growing together children's center

Psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy

Directed tasks

Music therapy, parent workshops, More...
C.C. La Boyera, piso 3, al lado de Corpoelec, sector Los Pinos, urb. La Boyera, El Hatillo, Caracas - Caracas - Venezuela

Occupational therapy in América Latina
Tridosha spa is a relaxation where you can find serenity and calm, with our professional massage will achieve a total relaxation, approach us and ask...

Physical therapy in América Latina
We are here to assist you. Chiropractor with over 10 years in massage techniques. All pain is unbearable. Contractures, sprains, tears, worn joints. Do not...

Centro del Audifono

Our company is dedicated to the integral service in auditory aid in all referring to auditory studies and the equipment with digital audiophones for the deafness.
Eligio Ayala 1056 e/ EE.UU. y Brasil - San Roque - Asunción - Paraguay

Psicologa Clinica "'Insight"'

Psychologist, speech therapist, she graduated in sexology. vocational counseling, couples counseling, crisis.
Canelones - Canelones - Uruguay

Fonoaudiologa Sandra Cardozo

Fonoaudiologa home

- Evaluation

- Diagnosis

- Treatment

For children, youth and adults in language, speech, voice and swallowing difficulties (swallowing)

- Stimulation of language.

- Speech and language disorders.

- Difficulty in articulating

- Rehabilitation of stomatognathic More...
A domicilio - Tembetary - Asunción - Paraguay

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Relief and cure for cervical arthritis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, early osteoarthritis of the hip, knee osteoarthritis and other chronic sports injuries. Manipulations, trofoterapia, electroacupuncture...

Ecoaudio Clinica del Oido

Ecoaudio specialized clinical tests of hearing aids, audiometry school entry, logoaudiometry clinic, tympanometry, hearing aids, occupational health, noise ear protectors and water shields for drivers, guards musicians, vestibular assessment, business More...
Centro Comercial Iserra 100 local - Barrios Unidos - Bogotá - Colombia

Terapia de Lenguaje - Fonoaudiologia

Cecit, Specialized Therapeutics Integral Care Center, who are a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and independent young people we serve the community in the areas of speech therapy, speech therapy, child More...
Gonzalo Diaz de Pineda oe2-12 y Pedro de Alfaro esquina a lado de los Ceviches de la Rumiñahui sector La Villaflora - La Magdalena - Quito - Ecuador