Speech therapy in Latin America

Welcome to the psychological and educational consulting, a company dedicated to the field of psychology and education by providing specialized services on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and.

Consultoría Psicológica y Pedagógica Alborada

Consultoría Psicológica y Pedagógica Alborada Welcome to the psychological and educational consulting, a company dedicated to the field of psychology and education by providing specialized services on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders, learning, behavior, social and emotional boy and girl.

we also provide career guidance services, adult and adolescent psychology, family and couples psychotherapy, lectures, trainings, workshops and assessments for institutions, through our More...
Av. Leon Velarde 302 alt cdra 17 de arenales (centro comercial arenales) - Lince - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Gabriela Gómez Pacheco

Psicologa Clinica "'Insight"'

Psychologist, speech therapist, she graduated in sexology. vocational counseling, couples counseling, crisis.
Canelones - Canelones - Uruguay

Audífonos en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Aparatos auditivos digitales Siemens pequeños y potentes. Adaptación por audiologo, 25 años de experiencia. Audiometria, reparaciones, moldes y todo lo que necesite para sus aparatos...

Psychologists in América Latina
Assessment and care for children, adolescents and adults. Learning difficulties. Conduct. Family counseling. ...

Fonoaudiologia Especializada

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders and speech in children and youth.
Specialization: alternative communication, autism spectrum disorder, stomatognathic system and child neuropsychology
Perú 295 esquina Mariscal Estigarribia - Catedral - Asunción - Paraguay

Consultorio Audiologico

Clinical examinations and audiometry labor, children audiometries, impedanciometrias, otoacoustic emissions are made.
Avenida Saavedra Esq. Posnasky, Edif. Parque Miraflores, Mezanine Consultorio 2, (entre Plaza Uyuni y Stadium) - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Centro del Audifono

Centro del Audifono Our company is dedicated to the integral service in auditory aid in all referring to auditory studies and the equipment with digital audiophones for the deafness.
Eligio Ayala 1056 e/ EE.UU. y Brasil - San Roque - Asunción - Paraguay

Occupational therapy in América Latina
Occupational therapy is a discipline of medicine, aimed at providing tools and strategies to deal with children, seeks to strengthen and improve their skills in...

Fisioterapia en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Samsara Spa, es un centro terapias para el cuerpo, incluye una área de sauna, un gabinete de hidroterapia, un gabinete de masajes de relajación, un...

CEPA. Centro de Potenciación de los Aprendizajes

I have a degree in special education, speech therapist and school psychologist with 17 years of clinical and teaching experience .
- Managua - Nicaragua

Centro de Rehabilitación Integral de Colon

Centro de Rehabilitación Integral de Colon CRICOL provides rehabilitation services with physical and occupational therapy for people with special challenges.
Barrio La Ceiba, media cuadra de la policía preventiva. - Tocoa - Colón - Honduras

Centros de rehabilitación en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Evaluación, Diagnostico, Control y Tratamiento de pacientes reumatológicos, traumatológicos, neurológicos y Pediátricos. Derivados de consultorios y Hospitales. Terapia ocupacional infantil Control y Tratamiento de...

Servicio de Terapia del Lenguaje

Services and care to children, adolescents , youth and adults with language problems :

- Delay in language development
- Pronunciation of sounds
- Stuttering
- dysphonia
Atypical - Swallowing
-Understanding and expression of oral and written language, among others.
Av. Francisco de Miranda, Edif. CARO, piso 2, Oficina 23. Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Centro Terapeutico Integral "Palabras"

Centre intended to assess, diagnose and treat problems of language, speech, hearing, speech, nutrition, early stimulation and sensory development and learning disorders.
Calle Yanuncay y Tarqui a 200 metros de la comisión de transito (cerca al Paseo Shoping) - Zaracay - Santo Domingo - Ecuador