Technological education in Latin America

Hazmat, safety training and technical consulting.

Hazmat School

Hazmat, Safety training and technical consulting.
Av. Sur 4, Esq. Glorieta, Edif. Don German "I" - Santa Teresa - Caracas - Venezuela

Illusions Dilo con Globos

- Company dedicated to decorating with balloons.
- Decorate , dictate courses and do deliveries.
Jr. Von Leonard 320 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Institutes in América Latina
Marvelous Minds is a preschool that serves children between 3 months and 4 years in the city of Manizales. Groups of 10 students, excellent...

Educational material in América Latina
Come since 1996 working in the education category, with more than 140 models developed with excellent educational games, which include various teaching methods, such as...

Casa Naturista Corazón de Jesus

Professional Group San Marcos graduates providing specialized and personalized attention seeking the welfare of our patients.
Av. Los Pinos Mz o1 Lt. 23 Urb El Pinar Comas - Lima - Peru

Abceda Solutions

Web design static and dynamic, client-server applications, desktop applications, intranet, technical support, and many more.
Prolongación More Lt. 04 - Huacho (centro) - Lima - Peru

Programacion UY

We particular class schedule. As Java, Pascal, Modula, PHP, etc.
- La Blanqueada - Montevideo - Uruguay

Private tuition in América Latina
Now Lagomar exam preparation classes and calculation 1 and 2 and probability and statistics, engineering, CCEE, chemistry, ucudaly ort. ...

Universities in América Latina
Professional races of Engineering of Computation and Systems, Administration and international Management of Companies, Marketing and businesses, Administration of tourist services, Accounting and Finances....

Instituto Politécnico La Salle

Training on:
Basic Mechanics automotive, residential electricity, basic welding, basic electricity automotive, mechanical bank, basic electronics, autocad and
many other courses
Km. 4, carretera León a Ponelya - León - Nicaragua
Rpte: Carlos A. Ramírez Rojas

Curso de joyeria en Plata y Oro.

Very complete course work in silver gold, learn how to design new jewelry tiempor record, the best professionals and artists of the medium. Visit by appointment.
Calle los gavilanes 163 San Isisdro - San Isidro - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Enrico Diaz

Centro Asesor Técnico

Tuition mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics and probability, attend high school, and degree.
We offer courses from 3 months to make the school CENEVAL exams in one exam!
We have over 25 years More...
Morelos 919A
Salamanca, Gto. - Guanajuato - Mexico

Colegio Particular a Distancia Simon Bolivar -
The private school distance "Simon Bolivar", the city of Ibarra, Imbabura province, was created by ministerial agreement on October 17, 2002, and we have the...

I. E. Harvar

We train young people with enterprise vision.
Atahualpa 521 Santa Maria - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Dir. Pedro Abanto Vega

Upstream Training - Capacitación Profesional

Training Programs in the field of oil and gas offshore
Well Control
Process Control Instrumentation
Suply Logistics
Santos Brasil
Rua XV de Novembro, 200. - São Paulo - Brazil