Traumatologists in Latin America

Specialized medical care for trauma and orthopedics for adults and children .

Consulta Privada de Ortopedia

Specialized medical care for trauma and orthopedics for adults and children
Clínica Báez.- Amador. semaforos lozelsa dos cuadras y media al norte. Altamira. - Managua - Nicaragua

Dr. Rony Alberto López

Traumatology and orthopedics adults and children.
Specialized services in Orthopaedics children and adults, elderly.
Calzada Roosevelt 33-86 zona 7, edificio Ilumina, zona 7, oficina 703 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Orthopedics in América Latina
Family business dedicated to your health since 2007. ...

Doctors in América Latina
Aging is a natural process of human beings and it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get healthy and active at this stage. ...

Funda Escoliosis

Information and advice for patients and family problems Scoliosis. Treatment options in Venezuela.
Av. Panteón con Alamenda. Edif. Anexo de Hospital de Clinicas Caracas. PH. Consultorio 9. San Bernandino, Caracas - San Bernardino - Caracas - Venezuela - Caracas - Venezuela

Clinica del pies y tobillo Policlinica Santa Ana

Clinic and Policlinic of foot ankle Santa Ana
Policlinica Santa Ana consultorio 5 anexo nuevo Ciudad Bilvar Edo Bolivar - Heres - Bolívar - Venezuela

Dr. Carlos Arévalo

Orthopedic and trauma surgery.
Pediatric orthopedics.
Joint replacements. Knee arthroscopy.
Treatment of fractures and other traumatic injuries, infections and degenerative bone diseases.
Surgical and orthopedic correction of deformities in children and adults.
Centro Médico Paraíso. Av. Universidad entr Avs. 10 y 12. Sector Pueblo nuevo.
Torre Hospitalización. Piso 1. Consultorio 180.
Lunes de 1 a 3 pm.
Viernes de 2 a 6 pm. - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Medical equipment: sales in América Latina
We are representing for Colombia of the company lw scientific, offer an ample range of instruments (microscopes, centrifuges, incubators, accessories, cameras, illuminators optical fiber, equipment...

Cirugia Ortopedica Reconstructiva

Reconstructive orthopedic surgery of the lower limbs children and adults.
- Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela

Dr. José Félix Magallanes Gamiño

Specialized care of injuries, fractures, sprains, dislocations, back pain, joint check up the newborn, postmenopausal women check up, minimally invasive surgery, conservative management specialist.
Av. 3a Poniente 103, Interior D, Colonia Centro - Delicias - Chihuahua - Mexico

Dr. Jose Manuel Zuñiga Traumatologo y Ortopedista

No referee. 10, 777
Specialist fractures, joint pain, bone deformities, enfermedases of the spine, knee and shoulder osteoporosis. 14 Years experienxia.
10a. Avenida 2-48 Zona 4 Parque San Marcos Cobán, A.V. - Alta Verapaz - Guatemala

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- General and specialized - General dentistry, orthodontics and dental radiology - Ultrasonic and gastroscopy - Clinical laboratory...

Centro Ortoprotesico Cherry

Orthopaedic and protesicos, last product sale in the European and American market, and manufacture of orthopaedic and protesicos apparatuses with European technology.
Benigno Malo 12-46 y Sangurima - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador


- Epeciaista in the neuromusclesqueltico-Be system a modern specialty for its health
Rafael Peña 298, esquina España, frente a la caja petrolera. - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia