Tubes and pipes in Latin America

Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a.

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, ... More information ...
Calle Carlos Rodrigo 1032 - Piso 2 - Urb. Roma - Cercado de Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Aaron Sánchez Dupuic

Full Metales SAC

Full Metales SAC Sale of metallic products, steel plates. ... More information ...
en planchas cortamos y vendemos a medida - Santa Anita - Lima - Peru

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Titanium, titanium parts manufacture, produce titanium parts to any extent, standard and usoc (surgical / industrial). ...

Corporacion Novaka, C.A.

Distribuidora materials Steelworkers, pefiles (beams), structural round tubing, ... More information ...

Hardware stores in América Latina
It is a young company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of the following products. ...

Valves in América Latina
Electrobombas. Accessory toilets. Accessory toilets for water network. Sanitary devices and articles. Valve....

Durbin S.A.

Vacation dozer bulldozer , backhoe, loader, air compressor ... More information ...

Hierros Los Búcaros

Company dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution ... More information ...
Santander - Colombia
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Construction materials in América Latina
Deposit & Hardware Gonzalez is a distributor of building materials and hardware family capital, our goal is to offer quality products in the area of...

Metallic constructions in América Latina
Manufacture doors aluminum windows and balconies pvc shutters installed engines and install gates remote gates Americans ...

S y R Internacional SRL

S y R Internacional SRL armicas sheets or corrugated steel culverts. Armco Representatives ... More information ...
Cochabamba - Bolivia
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