Veterinaries in Latin America

Veterinary services, surgery, x ray, ecography, laboratory, hospitalization, grooming.

Zoovet Montes

Carrera 10 # 11-20 barrio 20 de julio Tierralta - Córdoba - Córdoba - Colombia

Clínica Veterinaria Imbavet

Veterinary services, surgery, x ray, ecography, laboratory, hospitalization, grooming.
Juan de la Roca 2-84 y Darío Egas Grijalva, Esquina. Pilanquí. - Ibarra - Imbabura - Ecuador
Rpte: Milton Lara Gómez DMV. MSc.

Veterinary equipment and supplies in América Latina
Manufacturers of porongos of heavy aluminum of and 50 liters; With handle of handling for the field transport; ionized and hard anodizings. Roughshod buckets...

Pets in América Latina
Canine Adriestramiento at home; personnel enabled for all race of canine great and small; we offer the following thing: a. Basic discipline b. Self-defense, guardiania...

Veterinaria J&G

Veterinary J & F Cerro Verde Congata, is staffed by highly trained professionals, collegiate and enabled on the CMVP. It offers services in animal health, consultation, complete clinical examination, pet More...
Distrito Uchumayo, Alameda cerro verde, a dos cuadras de la plaza de CV a dos cuadras de la posta Cerro Verde, La rosa Azul C-15 - Arequipa - Peru

Centro Veterinario Caacupe

The veterinary doctor's office with 25 years to the service of the farming producer, guaranteeing security and efficiency in the works.
Juan Leon Mallorquin-1998 C/ Gral Roa - Caacupé - Cordillera - Paraguay

Basic Farm S A

Veterinary medecine laboratory.
Calle 59 n 16-40 - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia

Animal and pet food in América Latina
Distribuidora Candelaria, makes its available food balanced international brand Purina for all species of animals, including pet and shrimp. We have customized technical assistance...

Guasta Pets

We have ; canine aesthetic room , control vaccines , aquarium, animal sales , pet foods and accessories therefor .
Barrio la Democracia. - Guastatoya - El Progreso - Guatemala

Agro Veterinaria El Amanecer

Agro Veterinary Dawn. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sale of food for minor species and over very high quality, have service veterinarian, focused on More...
NAPO: Cantón el Chaco, parque central.Francisco Tramarrollo - El Chaco - Napo - Ecuador
CUENCA: AV. Americas y Turuhuaico Parque Central

Clinica Veterinaria Dr.Vet

Av. Universitaria Norte 7402. Urb, El Retablo - Comas - Lima - Peru

Veterinary products in América Latina
Marketing of disposable medical and veterinary materials at low prices, wholesale and retail. ...

Veterinaria Telica

Iglesia Catolica 1/2c. al sur, Telica, Leon. - León - Nicaragua

Veterinaria Pet&Shop DogTor

Veterinary devoted to internal medicine in pets, hospitalization, surgeries; baths with special shampoos, lodging or accommodations, clinical laboratory.
Pet Shop selling pet accessories, pet food and other
Jr. Ignacio Miranda Nro 117 - cercado Juliaca - Juliaca - Peru