Veterinary equipment and supplies in Latin America

Distributor of medical and surgical equipment murasedicos material mantenimentode equipment , surgical instruments german acerio , mmaquinas anesthesia , mobility , sutures, beds.

Que Lo Tiene Todo

El Paraíso - Caracas - Venezuela

Medical Orula

Distributor of medical and surgical equipment murasedicos material mantenimentode equipment , surgical instruments german acerio , mmaquinas anesthesia , mobility , sutures, beds.
guarenas, ciudad casarapa, parcela 21-9 edif 9 estado miranda - Zamora - Miranda - Venezuela

Veterinaries in América Latina
Medicine for Poultry keeping and Cattle ranch, implementos and accessories for Poultry keeping, technical Consultant's office in Poultry keeping and Cattle ranch...

Medical equipment: sales in América Latina
Sales of medical equipment in general with emphasis on aesthetics and urology equipment. We represent companies with advanced technology: ArthroCare ENT, EDAP TMS, LISA laser,...

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies Odontological distributor of materials and equipment for all the specialties. Also we have available equipment diagnosis for veterinary doctors. Special prices for students and dental deposits in Latin America. We count on the endorsement and the guarantee of marks recognized internationally.
- Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Mased Representaciones SAC

Mased Representaciones SAC We concern and we sell equipment and consumptions for veterinary laboratory, insemination, transfer of embryo, hidrobiology, environment and monitoring of ground and climate.
Av. Arequipa 340, of. 402 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Arturo Santos

Clínica Veterinaria Imbavet

Veterinary services, surgery, x ray, ecography, laboratory, hospitalization, grooming.
Juan de la Roca 2-84 y Darío Egas Grijalva, Esquina. Pilanquí. - Ibarra - Imbabura - Ecuador
Rpte: Milton Lara Gómez DMV. MSc.

Animal and pet food in América Latina
We are an import company of products for poultry and by inoculation, aging equipment, antibiotics and additives. Plastic boxes for the food industry, packaging. Semi-shade...

Veterinary Instruments

Veterinary Instruments We are leading manufacturer and exporters of all kinds of veterinary and surgical instruments.
- El Retorno - Guaviare - Colombia


Veterinary products of the high technology, for high performance
endectocidas - desparasitantes - serum - vitamins organic ad3e - antibiotic - put - endectocidas - modifiers. (gain of weight) antimastiticos
texaco Guanacaste 2c. Al Lago, 1 y Media Arriba. - Managua - Nicaragua

Suministros Medicos Legna 2569

Sale of medical supplies, veterinarians, equipment, furnishings, special bulbs and preventive and corrective maintenance
caracas - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Medical equipment in América Latina
Sale of medical implant surgery - orthopedic surgery - arthroscopy. LCP Locked, Locked Nails, Kirschner wires, Tutor of the femur, tibia, humerus, Doll...

Venta de productos agropecuarios -
It distributes veterinary products...

Agro Veterinaria El Amanecer

Agro Veterinary Dawn. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sale of food for minor species and over very high quality, have service veterinarian, focused on meeting their needs in an efficient manner.
NAPO: Cantón el Chaco, parque central.Francisco Tramarrollo - El Chaco - Napo - Ecuador
CUENCA: AV. Americas y Turuhuaico Parque Central

Veterinaria Vicman Sucre

Veterinary clinic, pharmacy, pet shop, hairdresser and sell pets
Sucre - Nataniel Aguirre 314 - Oropeza - Chuquisaca - Bolivia