Wire nettings in Latin America

Provision of you enmesh cyclonic galvanized, pvc, steel grate, concertina (wire of knives), close electrified, interfon, videoportero, cctv, chambers by internet.

Mallas Especializadas de Zacatecas

Mallas Especializadas de Zacatecas Provision of you enmesh cyclonic galvanized, PVC, steel ... More information ...

Constructora Freport

Design and construction of buildings, asphalt waterproofing membrane ... More information ...

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Manufacture of routers, pantographs and milling machines CNC 3D (up to 6 axes). Sizes from 30 xs 30 cm to 3 xs 6 meters. Repair...

Construction companies in América Latina
Wholesale and retail of materials for the prefabricated building system, drywall (dry building field), consulting and construction....

Distribuidora Marcelo

Weaving Factory wires all measures, wires generally cement ... More information ...
Caaguazú - Paraguay
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E&R Screens

E&R Screens Manufacture and installation of:

Screens, screen doors, built fences, ... More information ...
Juncos - Puerto Rico
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Sistemas de Seguridad Perimetral

- Specialists Perimeter Security Systems

- Electrified fences, with ... More information ...

Metallic constructions in América Latina
Prefabricated modular buildings for various uses: mobile offices, labor camps, temporary housing or worksite, etc.....


Frabricamos metallic structures, full soul, or American type. ... More information ...
San José - Costa Rica
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Construction finishes in América Latina
Provides consulting services and execution of civil works, electrical, hydraulic, mining, metallurgical and architectural. ...

Tejido de Alambre

Manufactures galvanized wire fabric offers the best prices

* ... More information ...